Traffic on the North Shore is not getting better and focusing on just one solution will not get us anywhere. We need to be improving transportation options across the board in North Vancouver. This means exploring and developing better options for pedestrians, cyclists, transit users and private vehicle users. My platform on this subject would be focused on the following:

- being proactive about transportation solutions

- We need to build better public transit options to attract more riders. We need to build safer bike routes to encourage more cyclists, and we need to continue developing more walkable routes so that people can walk to and from their errands.

- A better focus on east-west connections that do not run through highway traffic is strongly needed. This means looking at expansion of the 29th St/Queens Rd. route for vehicles and bikes, and lobbying for a dedicated Edgemont to Lynn Valley (village to village) bus line

- exploring and bringing forward alternative solutions for public transit including gondolas on the steeper routes, and foot ferries to some of the popular waterfront destinations the North Shore has, like Deep Cove, Cates Park and the Quay

- endorsing the work required to meet our obligations for Translink's 10 year plan, including more continuous dedicated lanes for Bus Rapid Transit

- better public transit options for the Seymour area, especially buses that do not require a transfer at Phibbs to get to some popular destinations

- a focus on safer and separated bike lanes that use paths not always parallel to roads

- in collaboration with the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, we need to build better pedestrian and bike routes along Dollarton Hwy

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