Healthy Communities

Healthy communities means a robust network of care and recreation options for all. If there is one thing we have learned from the Covid-19 pandemic, and the shortages of healthcare workers we are facing, it is that accessible healthcare is essential for a thriving community. The City of North Vancouver has been diligently building a healthcare hub around Lions Gate, but that is not accessible to many residents on the North Shore, especially during rush hour. Healthcare should be addressed as locally as possible to recognize smaller regional concerns that senior governments may not notice. Recreation options are also needing to be addressed in this same way, especially in the rapidly growing town centres. The District of North Vancouver needs to do more for healthy communities, especially when recognizing our aging population:

- integrate healthcare options as part of our community centre development approach

- explore partnerships with Vancouver Coastal Health to have clinics and healthcare access in all our community centres

- focus on creating new healthcare options east of the Seymour River including a dedicated healthcare hub in the Seymour area

- Prioritize and develop new state of the art recreation facilities in our fastest growing town centres

- improve and expand accessibility in public spaces including more parking for people with disabilities at popular parks

- bring in more supports for aging in place, and create more senior-friendly community spaces to avoid isolation

- ensure recreation and community hubs are built proactively with population growth, demographics and in-demand activities being more heavily considered in the planning

- guarantee space for more family respite centres

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