Environmental Leadership

Thanks to some great work by our current council, North Vancouver District is a leader in sustainable development and environmental policies. I would continue that work and support strong environmental initiatives that are brought forward to council. Beyond that, strong community plans and ways to reduce private vehicle dependence all lead to a healthier environment. We must also look to how we can use our local leadership to better influence policy at senior levels of government:

- encourage development that uses sustainable practices and materials

- prioritize funding for clean energy projects and microgrids in and around municipal buildings

- protect and return lands to the Tsleil-Waututh Nation in the area of Say-Nuth-Khaw-Yum (Indian Arm) Park

- lobby senior levels of government for more powers to create and enforce environmental policies, such as bans on certain pesticides and animal control

- create a long term plan to protect and restore our sensitive waterfront habitats, ideally in a partnership with Tsleil-Waututh Nation

- support the dark skies policy which calls for shades on street lamps and restrictions on LED lights at night, which cause havoc to local wildlife

- create and explore policies that encourage urban agriculture, and convert more public spaces into edible gardens

- promote and support community led initiatives to reduce individual carbon footprints, such as community composts

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