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Thank You!

Thank you so much for the amazing campaign. We came so close and I could not have done that without so many supportive and encouraging folks like yourself.

You can read my full statement here:

Wow what a campaign. Only lost by 400 votes! Am I disappointed by the results? No. This council makeup has amazing potential. I am so elated to see Jordan Back, arguably our hardest working councillor, be given a strong mandate in his re-election. I am also glad to see my friend Jim Hanson, who campaigned progressively on tackling homelessness and connecting our transit and active transportation networking, has also delivered strong results for his 3rd term. While I have not been impressed by Councillors Forbes or Muri's track record or campaign messaging, I remain optimistic that they will be able to represent North Vancouver well. I hope to see a collaborative approach taken by this council, and their re-elections do represent voices that need to be heard.

I stand by that North Vancouver is so fortunate to have such a strong pool of candidates and our two newcomers exemplify that. Catherine Pope ran on an incredibly progressive mandate, making me feel like a moderate often. She has the drive to push for positive change and I am glad to see that rewarded with a decisive show of support. Herman Mah, I have had the pleasure of volunteering with for about a year now and would like to consider us friends. He will bring a balanced, thoughtful approach to council, and he has a depth of knowledge to help support North Van as we work on tackling our worsening problems around housing.

Mathew Bond also ran a visionary campaign. Team Bond's ground game and strong platform brought the mayoral race to a nail-biting finish. Mike Little is a thoughtful and knowledgeable mayor, who I am sure will serve North Vancouver well over these next four years. Mathew's surge of support in this mayoral race will hopefully give a mandate to some of the progressive ideas he brought forward, and I am hopeful that Mayor Little will act on some of these.

To all the other candidates who ran, that was an amazing campaign. I would especially like to recognize Greg Robins, who not only was impressive with his messaging, but was arguably one of the hardest working campaigners I witnessed. Trey Bell as well impressed with his knowledge, work ethic, and extensive relevant background. I also know Harrison Johnston had a lot on his plate this campaign, yet still showed up with some strong result, and that is likely due to his articulate and informed responses to many key issues facing our city. He has a strong political future ahead and it was my honour to campaign alongside him. To Clayton Welwood, Peter Teevan and Thomas Tofigh, you all ran some good campaigns and, while we did not always agree on solutions, you all delivered consistent messaging and made yourselves accessible to the electors, and we are all the better for it.

While I did state I am not disappointed by the results, I am also not proud of them either. Voter turnout this election was embarrassingly low, and it is clear we as candidates did not do enough to inspire the public to show up. There may be many factors at blame here, but we must do better here.

Finally, I would like to thank all my supporters. Everything came together spectacularly this campaign and that is thanks to all of you. You inspired me every day and helped spread a message of positive change this election. Even though I was not able to carry all your support to victory this election, I do not feel defeated, and neither should you. I hope we can stay in touch after this campaign, and I will be working on an event to bring us together to celebrate what we did accomplish and recognize all your support. I will be continuing my work for Susie Chant, as well as my volunteer endeavours and perhaps we will also cross trails there.

Thank you